Return To Work


Return to Office Safely helps employers deliver assurances and real-time data on staffing, sanitizing, and facility management, via a custom interactive interface tailored to your worker needs.

Features include:

Pre-Return Safety Setup and Training

R2LS delivers a customized plan for the establishment of a Health and Safety Management team, including facility capacity targets, interactive return to work scheduler, facility sanitization, and contract tracing plan, and coordination of health and liability waivers. We also include video training for participants and staff and smart-phone accessibility for employees.

Facility Preparation Management

Custom interactive technology identifies and catalogs strategic points throughout the workplace, equipping them with QR codes and/or NFC tags for real-time tracking. Create an interactive floor plan optimizing with physical distancing recommendations and establishes check-in locations for individual and common space. Video walkthrough allows employees to familiarize themselves with layouts and protocols before returning to work.

Sanitation Management Dashboard

Interactive sanitization dashboard with floor plans utilizes traffic and risk data, allowing employers to prioritize where and how to focus disinfection efforts for maximum impact at the best cost. Delivers ease of mind to employees who can access disinfection efforts in real-time.

Facility Interaction Management

Employee-accessible smart-phone app tracks availability status on private and public spaces, identifying risk profiles and recent usage.  Speeds up workflow by allowing easy determination of present and future needs for meeting space and events.

Schedule Management

Interactive return to work schedules allows employers to easily track and manage the flow of onsite and remote workers. Uses smart-phone check-in to establish employee health and availability status, approve work liability waivers, and track shifting schedules for onsite and remote workers. The R2LS system calculates needs for potential disruptions, including government-mandated zone regulation changes and contact-tracing and/or quarantines for potentially exposed workers.