Return To Travel


Return to Travel Safely enables hoteliers and cruise lines to identify, implement, and easily share COVID-related safety protocols with touch-point checklists, real-time cleanliness tracking, and two-way interaction

Features include:

Travel Safely Setup

Establishment of an onsite Health and Safety Management team to oversee employee and guest health concerns. Digital floorplan identifies and tags key touch-points in individual rooms and communal spaces for data collection and monitoring. We include video staff training and smart-phone accessibility for employees and vendors.

Room Preparation Management Tool

Custom technology identifies and tags strategic points in guest rooms. Cleaning and maintenance staff can update sanitization and repair work as they work, immediately communicating readiness and/or issues of concern to front desk and management. A similar protocol targets common spaces such as lobbies, fitness centers, restaurants, and business centers, identifying high-touch and overlooked areas for digital check-ins and data gathering.

Staff and Guest Sanitization Dashboards

Dual-facing interactive sanitization dashboard records and optimizes traffic and risk data from guest rooms to event spaces, allowing management to prioritize where and how to focus disinfection efforts for maximum impact at the best cost. The consumer-facing Sanitization Dashboard allows guests to discretely check the latest daily and deep-cleaning data, providing peace of mind and accountability for personal risk management as they move around the property or ship.

Guest Travel Safely Interaction Tool

Guest-accessible app tracks pre-arrival COVID-related preference information, including health issues, sanitization preferences, and room requests from location to amenities requested to be in removed or removed from the room. A video walkthrough highlighting COVID safety precautions allows guests to familiarize themselves with room layouts before check-in, increasing guest confidence and peace of mind by allowing for customized guest experience and risk management throughout their stay.Note: Tool can be expanded to include relevant safety information for the surrounding area or port call, including CDC recommendations, government regulations on capacity restrictions and mask requirements, and recommendations for open-air experiences from restaurants to attractions and tours.

Augmented Room Guide

A live room tour enabled with digital touchpoints that guests can tap for the latest in sanitization and maintenance data, including cleaning schedules, products used, maintenance data and most-recent recent occupancy. Smart-phone access allows guests to easily document and report any issues to management, with an immediate response via text. Data can be used by management to resolve potential consumer issues and easily implement contract tracing and deep-cleaning protocols if present or past guests report a positive COVID test.

Staff and Vendor Schedule Management

An interactive scheduling tool allows management to track and manage the flow of onsite workers and outside vendors accessing the property. Smart-phone accessed portal includes ready-to-work approvals, contract tracing information, and coordination of health and liability waivers for employees and offsite vendors working on the property. The shift-tracking tool ensures capacity and spacing regulations are met, and advance calculates needs for potential disruptions incurred by government-mandated zone regulation changes and/or quarantines for potentially exposed employees or vendors.