Return To School


Return to School Safely helps educational institutions from pre-K through elementary, high school and college mitigate risk, communicating directly with teachers, support staff, parents and students on safety protocols and emergency actions.

Features include:

Pre-Return Safety Setup and Training

R2LS delivers a customized plan for establishment of a Health and Safety Management team, with reporting to administrators, faculty, students, and parents. Includes classroom and shared facility (i.e., auditoriums, cafeterias, break rooms) capacity targets, interactive return to work scheduler for full-time and part-time staff, facility sanitization, and a contract tracing plan, and coordination of health and liability waivers.  R2LS also provides video training for staff and participants as well as smart-phone accessibility with different features for the audience (i.e., administration, faculty, students, parents).

Classroom Management Tool

Custom technology identifies and tags strategic points in class rooms and common spaces for deep cleaning, and tracks daily sanitization efforts. Janitorial and maintenance staff can update sanitization and repair issues as they go, and teachers can log issues, quickly communicating issues of concern to facility manager and administrators. Capacity logs can track usage per classroom, especially key with rotating return-to-school schedules.

Faculty Schedule Management

Interactive return to work schedules allows the administration to easily track and manage the flow of full-time and part-time faculty and school staff. Uses smart-phone check-in to establish employee health and availability status, approve work liability waivers, and track shifting schedules and employee details for potential contact tracing. R2LS calculates needs for potential disruptions, including government-mandated zone regulation changes and/or quarantines for potentially exposed workers.

Student-Parent Sanitization Dashboards

Dual-facing interactive sanitization dashboard records classroom and facility traffic and risk data from guest rooms to event spaces. It allows management to prioritize where and how to focus disinfection efforts for maximum impact at the best cost. The consumer-facing Sanitization Dashboard enables guests to discretely check the latest daily and deep-cleaning data, providing peace of mind and accountability for personal risk management as they move around the property or ship.