Covid-19 Counter Measures

Employees and staff members returning to the workplace after an extended period of social distancing will be anxious and cautious. To overcome this, use of the R2W program reassures everyone that their employer is doing everything they can to get them back to work quickly and safely.When anyone who has returned to work within the organization subsequently becomes ill, the information is immediately entered into the program. R2W automatically generates a list giving the names of everyone he or she may have encountered since their return. The program is then able to estimate the level of interaction.This allows management to quickly test and identify any others who may have been infected as a result of contact with this infectious staff member thus averting a situation that could have resulted in many more becoming ill.

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Employee Health Status

A Health and Safety team is established within the organization.Each employee and staff member receives an email from this team that introduces and explains the R2W system. This email contains links to allow the employee to install the application on their iPhone or Android device.

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Plan and Configure the R2W Platform

The Health and Safety team enters a list of all employees and staff into the R2W program.Each employee and staff member contributes to a Health Survey to determine when they will be able to return work.

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Confirming Employee Status

Two days before work commences the R2W program will ask each employee or member of staff whether they are able to work based on this schedule. Should any conflicts or constraints be identified the program will automatically make the necessary changes and notify all concerned.

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Management Adjustments

Each manager will maintain a schedule on the R2W program. Any information entered will automatically be communicated to the members of his or her team.

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Facility Preparation

When an organization utilizes the R2W program, QR codes and/or NFC tags will be placed at strategic points throughout the facility. Each of these locations will be entered into the program.

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Execution of Plan – Staff Training

To ensure the proper interaction between all employees and this interaction tracking system, each participant will be required to watch a five minute video. Following this they will scan an activation code into their smart phone. On entering any part of the facility they will ‘tap-in’, and ‘tap-out’. In some     instances it may be possible to automate this function.

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Staff Participation in Facility Health Managment

During the period in which Facility Health Management (FHM) is being used, staff ”tap in” and “tap out” when they are entering and leaving an office, meeting room or common space. This can be via a QR code, NFC or RFID.In some facilities, automated tracking may be available. Please consult with R2W to determine if this is possible.