How It Works

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five simple steps for employees to RETURN 2 WORK SAFELY

  1. Employee logs health status into a secure app for two weeks
  2. The employee receives a message asking if they are ready for scheduled for work with specific times or shift hours
  3. An employee can coordinate childcare or other personal needs by blocking dates they are unavailable for work.
  4.  Employee reviews new safe workplace practices including how to scan trace tags and read results
  5. The employee returns to work feeling safer and more confident.
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Five powerful ways employers can reopen a safe workplace with R2W:

  1. Employers can create a Duty of Care plan for scaling workers based on workflow and facility capacity
  2. Employers can begin to scale workforce based on wellness, work needs, and capacity with managerial and employee input.
  3. Employers can accommodate or shift schedules based on employee needs and input.
  4. Employers can empower employees with training and the importance of compliance via the app while assuring privacy for all
  5. Employer can access up-to-the-minute data on employee wellness and facility usage to determine the safest next-steps in the return to normal operations