Employee Health

Employee Health Assessment (EHA)


    A reliable list of employees that are cleared to return to work or to continue to work on-site


    Your company’s team assigned to your Health and Safety team, can customize the criteria used to evaluate the health of employees, and determine when and who can return to work. The customization is done through our simple tablet app or web interface.R2W will send a questionnaire to each employee daily. The employee will receive an alert through the R2W app on the iPhone or Android phone, asking them to complete a health questionnaire. The questions will revolve around the employees’ health and recent activities. If the employee has received the results of a recent virus test, they will have the ability to photograph the results and upload them through the app.If an employee is deemed to be healthy based on these criteria, they will automatically be moved to an “available to schedule” list for administrators. If the employee either reports they are sick or their responses determine they are “still at risk,” they will not be placed on that list.HIPPA Compliance
    Because the information collected by the EHA is confidential, this information will only be accessible to authorized medical staff. R2W will provide aggregated data to other authorized managers solely as it relates to the ability of a staff member to Return 2 Work.